This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School, in cooperation with Just Societies.


Public Launch

Friday, October 18th


Altschul Auditorium at Columbia University

Storytelling changes people. Narratives matter.

Join us for the public launch of the Theater of Change Forum.

This launch presented world premiere performances of past collaborations between Broadway artists, law students, and directly impacted advocates created with Broadway Advocacy Coalition.

The event included discussions and action steps for us all to merge the areas of storytelling and advocacy into an integrated practice. 

Performers and speakers included: Ariana Afsar (Hamilton), Britton Smith (Be More Chill), Amber Iman (Shuffle Along), Ben Wexler (Jonathan Larson Award winner), and Columbia Law School professor Elora Mukherjee.

Ariana Afsar

Britton Smith

Elora Mukherjee